Paramotor Training

Up to 50% cheaper than other schools








Taster Day

Half day £80            Full day £140
(Autumn / Winter)                                  (Spring / Summer)


Are you undecided if paramotoring is for you?

Then why not pop along and join us for a taster day before committing to the full course.


Conversion Course

From £400

This course is for paraglider pilots who want to convert to paramotoring.

You must be able to ground handle a paraglider and demonstrate you can both forward and reverse launch confidently.


The four day conversion course is charged as follows

With own equipment: £600

With paraglider purchase: £500

With paraglider & paramotor purchase: £400



Full Paramotor Course

 £ 1000 

This course lasts up to 7 days and is for somebody who has never flown who wants to become a solo pilot.

Part of the paramotor course involves 

  • A safety briefing.
  • Introduction to the equipment. 
  • How to properly set up and pack away the equipment. 
  • Practice both forward and reverse launching depending on wind speeds. 
  • Practice getting to kite the wing above your head. 
  • Paramotor introduction and safety briefing.
  • Ground handling with a Paramotor. 
  • Dummy launches with a paramotor.
  • Your first flight while in radio contact with Nick. 
  • Tweaking your launch and landing techniques. 
  • Simulated dead-stick landing (engine failure or empty tank). 
  • Spot landings.



   If you already have equipment it will be inspected and tested to make sure it is in airworthy condition.






Due to so many new students who have turned up for lessons with second hand equipment purchased off eBay and other online market places thinking they have got a bargain only to be told the equipment is either not air worthy or not suitable for their level of experience, we strongly advise you NOT to be tempted to purchase any equipment before you begin training as you will likely make an expensive mistake.

Please speak with your instructor in regards to what equipment will suit you 
BEFORE making a purchase.





You will also learn other important skills as we follow the BHPA syllabus to ensure all students learn the correct skills required and are briefed on all sections. 

While undergoing training we will always keep a close eye on you and get to know what kind of flying you are looking to achieve and can advise what equipment will best suit you. 

We are always price comparing to other dealers which enables us to be very competitive on all our prices. 

Do not expect to be flying in just 2-3 days like some other schools claim to achieve. The full course covers up to 7 full days of training as there are lots of skills involved and also flights off the training hill before strapping a paramotor to your back and if you do not feel ready to fly or we do not feel you are at a standard which we deem acceptable, we will not allow you to fly. The full course is a set fee, we do not offer daily rates. If a course is finished in less than 7 days we cannot reimburse X amount of days from the course fee.

Your safety is always paramount and we prefer quality pilots over quantity

Please note: While we follow the BHPA Syllabus and issue you a certificate on completion of the course, a BHPA certificate will not be issued.