Top quality solid wooden paramotor propellers available for many makes and models of engines

After trying and testing a number of propeller manufacturers it was very clear that value for money Paraprops came out on top


Please contact us with your engine details and propeller length and we shall be able to help you





Paraprops have been a manufacturer of top quality wooden propellers since 2008 and are committed to provide the most efficient and top quality wooden props on the market for the use on paramotors and light aircraft.      

All props are made from hard wood which are designed using state of the art software which creates a 3D model ready for cutting on CNC machines.

Once the prop has been designed the 3D model software is loaded into the computer of a CNC machine which then carves the shape of the propeller from a laminated wooden block to an accuracy of 0.1mm.    

Paraprops also have an in-house test stand which is set up to give very accurate thrust readings which in turn determines which blades work best for various engine ratio combinations.

Paraprops are not cheap mass made productions but are individually made specifically for your engine make and model so as to give you the best thrust and performance possible.

Paraprops are becoming better known in the market for their swift response to customers, quick manufacturing, speedy shipping and for being very competitive on price compared to other manufacturers. They have found on average you will save yourself around £50.00 and around 7 days quicker shipping when ordering from them compared to other manufacturers.



Paraprops are proud to announce they are £60 cheaper than a well known propeller manufacturer in Romania and £119 cheaper than a well known supplier in the UK.



 Manufacture time: Approx 7 days.
 Shipping time: 7 days.

 It is recommended to order two propeller so you always have a spare to use in the event of an accident.


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Optional Extras

Painted Propeller + £20.00
Non branded propeller + £10.00
Leading edge protection + £10.00










When ordering a branded propeller you must NOT remove the branding.


Each logo has been applied directly to the prop then been lacquered over with multiple coats. Removal of the branding will result in removal of the lacquer which will damage the prop and cause the rest of the lacquer to flake off when the prop is turning at high RPM.


This will also ruin the balancing of the prop causing vibrations which can cause damage to your engine.