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  • Weight : Approx 565g for a 130 cm diameter model [about 30% less than competitor props]
  • moment of inertia : about 500 kg.cm² [for a 125 cm diameter model]
  • Blades: 100% carbon
  • Specific E-PROPS design with high CL profiles : more thrust, fuel economy and noise reduction
  • Propellers designed and manufactured in France, Provence, Sisteron (04)
  • Each propeller is tested on a test bench before delivery
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise models
  • More resistant propeller => faster acceleration and deceleration of the engine (the propeller is more reactive, it stops much more fast, that is fewer risks of break in case of shock in the propeller), less stored kinetic energy, thus fewer damages in case of impact.
  • Comfort increased for the pilot = > less mass propeller on the back, fewer gyroscopic efforts, less couple 
  • Better functioning of the engine = > fewer constraints on the reducer, fewer vibrations due to the functioning propeller
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Simple replacement of one blade






Trace-ability : Serial number on each blade (quality control; quick replacement of one blade possible)








E-PROPS PLUG'n'FLY propeller 3-blade.

 From £439



Configuration : pusher
Blades number : 3
Diameter : 115 cm - 160 cm


100% in full carbon braid : Helical Continuous Fibres.
Reinforced leading edge protection in Nanostrength additive, with high energy absorbing capability.
Fixed pitch and easy to assemble.
Propeller delivered ready to be mounted.


E-PROPS : the lightest propellers (full carbon)