THE LIGHT X1 - From 17.5kg

 From £5200


Rediscovering fun and adventure in engine flying. Our new concepts impress with ease, functionality and pure performance. The X1 is optionally available in various frames, comfort or light Adventure harness, wooden or carbon propeller. According to your wishes, we provide the ideal system to fit you.



FROM 17,5 KG

One of the lightest engines worldwide!




Simple assembly and commissioning!




The X1 was designed for a pilot weight up to 80kg!


Now available with swan neck armsNow available with swan neck armsMaterials:

The frame parts of the simplify x-series are made of high-strength and highly elastic titanium. The entire frame weighs only 2.98 kg. The push rods, as well as various small parts are milled from high strength aluminium CNC. The spreader bars are made of very light carbon fiber and the standard 12-liter tank is made of high strength PE. The cage and the safety net can be installed ready to fly with just a few clicks.



The modern harnesses of the x-series are optionally available in a comfort or light variant. Both are made of high strength rip-stop Cordura. The comfort harness has a seat board and the light variant has a hammock system. The adjustable harnesses are offered in two sizes, size M up to 180cm and size L from 175cm height.


simplify offers a high quality carbon propeller for all engines. The various models are designed and manufactured in cooperation with the company Helix.


Delivery state:

All simplify paramotors are delivered completely assembled. In the accessory is an additional tool bag. 


 Engine Options


Engine Make

Vittorazi EOS 
Model Atom 100 Booster
Cooling Air Air
CC 80 102
Thrust 55 kg > 50 kg
Weight starting at

17.70 kg

17.50 kg
Centrifugal clutch Yes Yes
Frame Titanium Titanium
Frame diameter 140 cm 140 cm
Carbon propeller 125 cm 125 cm
Reserve parachute Top Top
Price £5200 £5300

 - Best power to weight ratio




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Optional Extras


The complete paramotor is transported and stored in a stable travel box only 44 x 60 x 80 cm.

The X Adventure is a two-part titanium frame with a light harness and specially produced light 8 litre fuel tank.