Condor XS


The fantastic Condor paramotor features a remarkably strong frame which is fabricated from stainless steel, aluminium and carbon fibre for complete strength.

The Condor comes fitted with the very popular light weight Dudek Power Seat Comfort harness which will keep you very comfortable in flight for many hours.

Fitted with a 12 litre fuel tank as standard you can expect flights up to around 3 hours.

The stylish curved arms are made from aluminium and are much more comfortable in-flight than straight arms.

The complete unit can be disassembled within minutes which makes for easy transportation in the back of your car.

The condor can also be supplied in a custom colour of your choice.

Engine Options

Minari 180cc

 Manual start  £3985
 Electric start  £4070
 Dual start  £4320




Minari 180cc Clutched

 Manual start  £4455
 Electric start  £4540
 Dual start  £4800


The Condor can be supplied with various engines on the market. Please enquire if you require an alternative engine.