The magnesium alloy frame and carbon rods ensure low weight and strength.

The harnesses is specially developed to be very comfortable and adjustable.

The Easy Run system, that raises the Harness, is designed to facilitate the take off and landing.

Fly Products offer a choice of different paramotor engines for the perfect flying experience.

The continuous testing carried out by their team pilot has contributed to further development of the Active Sport Comfort: ASC system. 




TOP 80

The Top 80 is an Italian single cylinder 2-stroke aircraft engine designed and produced by Per iL Volo for paramotoring and was the first purpose designed paramotor engine.

The Top 80 was developed specifically for the Per Il Volo Miniplane, which was introduced in 1989.

The engine uses fan-cooling and a Walbro WG-8 diaphragm carburetor. Designed for lightweight as the overall consideration, the engine weighs 10 kg (22.0 lb), plus the exhaust system weight of 1.5 kg (3.5 lb - NEW Aluminum Style). With the Walbro carburetor the Top 80 produces 11 kW (14.8 hp) at 9500 rpm.


Model Rider jet
Engine Top 80
Fuel tank 12 L
Propeller length 125 cm
Weight with harness 20.5 kg
Max pilot weight 90 kg


Top 80 Manual start with centrifugal clutch  £4820





Presenting the new Atom 80. With engine Vittorazi 80, very light and silent.
The secrets of this engine is the quality is really amazing, the noise is very low, the consumption is only 2 liters for hour, the trust is 55kg and its very easy to start (with 1 finger).
Model Rider Atom
Engine Atom 80
Fuel tank 14 L
Propeller length 130 cm
Weight with harness 20 kg
Max pilot weight 90 kg


 ATOM 80  Manual start with centrifugal clutch  £4870




The smallest and most powerful engine in its category.
With the latest addition to the Moster range, Vittorazi introduces a further innovation and offers the best value for weight, power, thrust, comfort, quietness and reliability available on the market. The main added value of this new version is given by the clutch. This integrated device significantly reduces vibrations at idle speed and it increases safety during pre-flight routine.
The vibrations are almost imperceptible at all engine speeds, while the weight distribution and the size of the engine minimize the torque effect. The other notable improvement has been achieved with the introduction of the new exhaust system which is extremely quiet and performing at the same time.
The entire engine has been designed to obtain the minimum noise emission, which is attenuated by the air box, the transmission belt, a special "Db-killer" silencer, and the choice of the best propellers. 
Model Rider Thrust
Engine Moster 185
Fuel tank 12 L
Propeller length 125 cm
Weight with harness 23 kg
Max pilot weight 140 kg



 Moster Silent  Manual start  £5020
 Moster Plus  Manual start with centrifugal clutch  £5220
 Moster Plus  Manual & Electric start with centrifugal clutch  £5510





The Polini THOR 250 features a liquid cooling system that grants an extraordinary steady power output and better performance at every rpm.
The die cast light-alloy aluminium cylinder grants a better thermal stability, the liner with Nickel-Siliceous coating improves the piston sliding, its resistance to wear and abrasion. The piston, gravity cast at high silicon content light alloy, reduces thermal expansion and the coupling slack. The piston top design is specific to optimize the compression ratio. The advanced technology and the great performance of the new THOR 250 gives a better feeling when driving making the flight even more performing, dynamic, reactive, beside granting more stability.
Model Rider Sprint 250
Engine Polini Thor 250
Fuel tank 12 L
Propeller length 125 cm
Weight with harness 28 kg
Max pilot weight 140 kg


 Thor 250  Manual start with centrifugal clutch, 3 blade propeller 130 cm  £6420
 Thor 250  Manual & Electric start with centrifugal clutch, 3 blade propeller 130 cm  £6870





(Active Sport Comfort)(Active Sport Comfort)





Accessories are only available to order along with a paramotor.

Trolley Bag - £230Trolley Bag - £230

Cage Bag for single hoop - £60.00Cage Bag for single hoop - £60.00

Cage Bag for double hoop: £60.00Cage Bag for double hoop: £60.00

Tach Hour Meter  - £50.00Tach Hour Meter - £50.00

Paramotor UV Cover - £100Paramotor UV Cover - £100