The Eclipse is the lightest paramotor Fly Products have ever produced thanks to the use of innovative materials and construction techniques aimed at reducing weights while maintaining a high standard of safety and reliability.







The ATOM is a light quiet engine, well balanced, easy to start with 'Ultrasoft', and packs a punch with low fuel consumption.
This was achieved by dedicated research and design coupled with a history of knowledge.
The look is modern with innovative materials and production processes, making it stand out from the crowd.
Forced air cooled engine,  oil bathed helical gear reduction drive, with a centrifugal adjustable clutch.
The thrust is smooth, linear delivering 55kg with a 130 cm propeller and 52kg with 125 cm propeller.

The ATOM 80 is perfect for anyone who appreciates a lightweight engine, delivering power with economy and low noise.


 Weight with harness: 17.2 kg


ATOM 80 Manual start with centrifugal clutch £5095







The Moster engine is an advanced product, sporty yet very balanced, that is able to offer superior performance, perfect for competitions and for free adventurous flight alike.
This is where the Moster 185 Plus - MY ‘19 comes to life. It is characterized by further developed components: the greatest piece of work has been achieved for the airbox line, completely revised to reduce the overall dimensions and create a greater harmony of shapes.
It also reduces fuel consumption up to 15 per cent more than the previous version. The exhaust has been redesigned for the reduction of the overall dimensions and to have a larger “time before overhaul” (TBO).


Weight with harness: 22.3 kg


 MOSTER 185 PLUS MY 19 Manual start with centrifugal clutch £5370 







Accessories are only available to order along with a paramotor.

Trolley Bag - £230Trolley Bag - £230

Cage Bag for single hoop - £60.00Cage Bag for single hoop - £60.00

Cage Bag for double hoop: £60.00Cage Bag for double hoop: £60.00

Tach Hour Meter - £50.00Tach Hour Meter - £50.00

Paramotor UV Cover - £100Paramotor UV Cover - £100