Falcon EOS 150

£5100 - £4100



While a lot of manufacturers are now using carbon on their paramotors to reduce the weight by a few hundred grams, we have decided against any carbon as we do not like the way it shatters on impact. Other manufacturers have also reduced the frame size to reduce weight which restricts them to using a maximum 125 cm propeller.


The Falcon is made from 100% titanium for pure strength and can house a 130 cm propeller for maximum thrust.


  • 1450 mm hoop
  • Low hang point arms
  • Light weight harness
  • 25.7 hp @ 9000 rpm
  • 68 kg - 70 kg thrust
  • Total weight: 23 kg

Extremely Strong


Made from Grade 2 Titanium tubing The Falcon is guaranteed to be extremely strong.

The advantage of using titanium over other metals for The Falcon means we are able to use far less material to produce the frame while still keeping it extremely strong.

Light Weight

With a complete frame weighing in at only 3.3 kg it is one of the lightest all metal frames on the market for its size.

Fuel Tank

The Falcon comes with a 12 Litre fuel tank as standard capable of flight up to 3 hours.






Simple Design

We have kept the design of The Falcon very simple to keep the weight to a minimum. 

Research has proven paramotor frames do not require six spars to produce a rigid design if made correctly and using the correct material.


Safety Netting

The removable netting system attaches to the outer hoop by high quality Velcro and tightens by a ratchet system behind the harness.

The netting system saves having to drill out and re-rivet replacement netting in the cause of any damage.




Easy Storage

The Falcon has been designed to be able to be dismantled into small sections for easy transportation in the smallest of vehicles and for easy storage.

The Falcon can be dismantled to sit in the foot well of most vehicles making it very easy to transport.