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The latest design generation, with an innovative internal structure, brings a 15% line length decrease and 28% less in the number of lines used when compared to the Dolpo 2, thus bringing less overall weight as a result. Consequently, untangling the lines becomes a lot easier during the pre-flight phase. The DOLPO 3 inflates smoothly without overflying the pilot for a safe takeoff.

Particular attention was paid to the choice of robust ripstop to ensure the extrados longevity. Lighter and more adapted material bring an exemplary cohesion to the overall glider assembly.



The docile behavior and exceptional resistance to turbulence make the DOLPO 3 the ideal glider to progress with confidence.

The most attractive aspect of the wing is its playful and intuitive natural ability to enter the fun and safe zone. Carving turns is particularly remarkable on all axis, giving the wing its playful character. It is not targeting pilots in training only, but more specifically certified entry level ones as well.
In the ITV glider range, the DOLPO 3 is the most relaxing wing to have fun with at your local site or embark on your first XC adventures.

The Bonus: the DOLPO 3 comes standard with the Power-Kit System which allows you to quickly switch from Paragliding (PG) to Powered Paragliding mode (PPG). Simple and easy to manipulate, it can be disassembled or assembled in no time via two maillons specially arranged for the purpose, without any other manipulation.



Flat Surface (m²) 22.5 24.5 26.5 28.5
Weight (kg) 4.7 4.8 5.2 5.5
Span (m) - - - -
Chord (m) - - - -
Aspect ratio 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2
Number of cells 47 47 47 47
Paragliding (PG) inflight weight range (kg) 55-75 (EN-A) 70-90 (EN-A) 85-105 (EN-A) 100-125 (EN-A)
Paramotor (PPG) inflight weight range (kg) 55-100 (DGAC) 70-120 (DGAC) 85-140 (DGAC) 100-160 (DGAC)
Trim speed (km/h) 39 39 39 39
Max speed (km/h) 50 50 50 50
Certification EN-A / DGAC EN-A / DGAC EN-A / DGAC EN-A / DGAC
PRICE £2455 £2500 £2540 £2540