The Bip Bip 2 has a little more performance, while maintaining the excellent passive safety that the first generation Bip Bip built it's reputation on. Mind-blowing speeds when trimmers open, and similar flight characteristics of a true mini wing.


You can do any kind of flying with this glider and it is a dream. With great safety, immensely smooth, dynamic and predictable handling with a very big speed range on the trimmers.


Bip Bip 2 is made of a special new cloth called Skysilk that's only 32 grams, so gives a fantastic small weight and pack down volume but has the best porosity of other cloth as it is a siliconised type of cloth so it is quite resistant to moisture and staining.

This glider is the prettiest thing in the sky and makes most other gliders look boring. It has the nicest set of risers, trimmers and magnetic brake keepers.

Launching is as easy as it gets, allowing a safer launch in higher winds. Collapse resistance is very high and all the qualities of this glider mean you can safely learn to fly it very soon in your flying career.





Size 16 18
Cells 30 30
Flat Surface 16 m2 18 m2
Span 8.29 m 8.8 m